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Keep Your Roof Safe and Sound

All of us who own a house are aware that we have a roof over our heads. It’s the barrier that protects you, your loved ones and your home’s interior from the outside world. A defective or damaged roof can lead to issues that could be costly to fix. Those troubles include mildew, mold, leaks, sags, moss and algae. Even a minor leak can wreak havoc throughout your home.

Alex Feher Roofing is committed to completing your job with the utmost professionalism and precision. We are licensed, insured and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Alex Feher Roofing also wants you to know that a good roof enhances curb appeal, which is a major factor if you want to sell your home. Potential buyers who drive by a home with an obviously bad roof will keep on driving. A roof that’s in bad shape will also lessen the asking price. Structurally sound roofs, along with attic insulation, make the home more energy-efficient. You’ll love your lower heating and cooling bills.

Shingles that are missing, loose, broken, curled, cracked or have lost their granules indicate that your roof is worn out. Exterior light in your attic means your roof has holes. Extensive staining frequently implies damage from algae and moss, which degrade shingles and can prompt water damage.

Asphalt roofs’ average life span is 20 years. Plan ahead by intercepting problems instead of waiting for those two decades to pass. While some minor problems can be repaired, it’s more logical (and cost-effective) to replace a roof that’s obviously wearing down.

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